Carey International


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Carey features a world-class fleet of late-model executive and luxury vehicles, best-in-class professional chauffeurs, and a full portfolio of specialized transportation logistics management services. As a luxurious alternative to commercial flights or trains, Carey will take you from one city to another, offering special flat rates for transfers between cities.

Explore exotic locales from the comfort of a private luxury vehicle, allowing you to savor each mile in privacy with your choice of amenities. Discover each destination with your expert chauffeur – a personal driver, guide and mobile concierge, all in one – revealing to you each city’s rich history, extraordinary beauty and unique culture. From famous sites to marvelous hidden secrets, the wonders of the world’s most exciting cities are within your reach. Carey Chauffeur-Driven Tours feature customized routes, in addition to predetermined stops at local attractions and landmarks around a city for sightseeing.

Transfers are the fastest, finest option when it comes to door-to-door service, featuring direct transportation between two geographic locations, and are most efficient for trips to and from airports and other transit hubs. As flexible at it is reliable, Carey’s As-Directed hourly service puts a chauffeur at your disposal for as long as necessary. No destination is required to book this type of reservation. You provide the pick-up information and select your travel destinations.