Star Jets International


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Star Jets International is your exclusive provider of Luxury Jet services with access to over 15,000 jets flying from/to 'anywhere'. From helicopters, turboprops, all types of luxury private jets, jumbo jets, cargo jets, air ambulances, and everything in between.

We also offer the most FLEXIBILITY in the private aviation marketplace by giving you the option to change your aircraft for your specific needs on each individual flight. One day you might be traveling with 14 people to the South of France for a summer trip and another day you might have a business trip for 4 people to visit manufacturing facilities or real estate projects. Whatever the need, we will secure the best private plane at the best price and offer you multiple options as well.

Amenities inlcude

Exclusive Gift – a Bottle of Champagne, or substitute beverage upon arrival on your jet, ready to drink or to be saved for later